Tuesday, 25 March 2014

We have started a fabulous poetry group

I can't quite believe that this has been so easy.

We met at my village pub. Sat down with a timer and copies of the poems. We each read the poem out loud. I got such pleasure out of hearing how the others read out the words and phrases in subtly different ways.

We each had 2 minutes to say anything we wanted to about the poem. The we got several more 2 minutes sessions. A co-counselling technique.

I forgot to make sure we share how we were before starting. We did that at the end, but it would have been better to do this first. Since we know each other so well, it is good to be able to offload freely.

It won't be a monthly event now, but a fortnightly one! I have been the good facilitator and printed off the next set of poems in advance.

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