Sunday, 23 March 2014

The SCEEC garden - peace and quiet - session 2

We used both hands to gather up frog spawn and transfer it using a bucket to bigger deeper ponds. The frogs obviously prefer the shallower warmer water of pools which will dry out soon. We saved some patches of spawn from areas which had been puddles during the flooding, but which were now just damp grass.

We did a survey of the land either side of a stream, searching for little foot prints of water vole. That involved a lot of climbing up and down banks, over fences and over dead trees, fun.

We did another survey of the edges of the many ponds to spot the sturdy white eggs of the Great Crested Newt. Because we don't rush, there is time for me to sit there and gaze at the surface of the waters and look at everything close to, waiting for each little pond skater to reveal itself.

The other big task was raking dry sticks left after the guy with the brush cutter, (a loud strimmer), had cut right back into last year's growth, making curving shapes in the tall banks of whatever -it-is.

I really like just being outside and not being asked questions. We had tea in the office towards the end, so I was glad I had brought lots to eat and drink during the work session.

So what paid job can I find which involves being outdoors in the wind, rain and sun, doing simple physical tasks with great people?

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