Monday, 17 February 2014

Ravensbrück and my new form


Paulette Gouache

But she survived

I made good friends

So don't leave any bread

They spoke in their old bedroom

It's a bit cryptic. I do increasing numbers of words per line. Each line is somewhat unrelated to the next. Same topic though. It's about thinking about a topic from various different viewpoints.

In this case:
the name of the prison camp,
the name of my great aunt,
the phrase I use immediately after saying that she was taken there,
a phrase she said to me about her time there,
my father's instruction before we had lunch with her and my great uncle in Paris when we were 8 or 9,
and a note about my own grandmother's memory of the days and nights they spent together talking about what she had gone through after she got back to their family flat in Paris in 1945 and were able to just be together at home.

Is this a well-known form or one I made up myself?

The first line both is and isn't the title. I like that slight confusion about the status of the first word. Of course the first word is the starting point for all the rest. So the form and content are one. I write these in order of line length, asking my mind for the next number of words.

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