Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Chanelling Silliman's Albany and Lyn Hejinian's My Life

I am in the middle of trying to create my Christmas A4 sheet to go in all my Christmas cards. I decided to just type out statement after statement on a text edit file, to print off, cut into lines and arrange artistically as in previous years.

I have just realised that it is just right as it is, so I shall cherish the unexpected result of my frustrations and use it like that. Thanks ModPo. You are great.

At the same time Anthony Risser's link to someone reading John Donne poems out loud on the Empty Plinth is playing in my ears. As T says: "Good times."

If you get one of my sheets remember it is just the good bits and was a tool I made up to deal with bad stuff. Do not be fooled by the wonderfulness. Just saying.

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