Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jennifer Scappettone

I'm going through the forums on ModPo to read and comment about Scappettone.

Then I went to the rest of the internet and found some great lines from an interview she did:

"LH: When you review, do you focus on a particular text (poem, story), the book at hand, the author’s body of work? Do you think this choice of focus influences criticism, or your own criticism, and if so, how?

JS: I zoom in and out.  My best thoughts arise in states of unfocus, or focus on something utterly unlike (running, chopping, riding a subway), then migrate to unexpected contexts.  It would be interesting to do a publication that “reviewed” single lines or sentences."

My bolding!

"LH: What do you hope to achieve by writing about writing? Do you believe that reviews can actually bring new readers to texts?

JS: I hope to honor marginalized or invisible intellectual and aesthetic labor, attract stranger to stranger, & burn through prior horizons of the possible.  Yes."

More of my bolding.

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