Thursday, 3 October 2013

'This evening, the ponds and lakes will be jumping, but I will be elsewhere.'

'I prefer to set off for a night stroll at dusk. Not only can the eyes adjust more effectively than if I stepped directly into full darkness from a lit room, I like the way my familiar surroundings are differently transformed as I walk through them. Somethings melt into their background, others remain solidly fixed yet reveal surprising new identities. Also there is sometimes an interesting meeting between diurnal and nocturnal nature, like when early bats and late swallows swoop together or a hare is startled by a badger.'

From Nightwalk by Chris Yates
Published 2012 by Collins

I am reading this a page at a time when I sit in my paternal grandfather's prayer chair each day. I have no idea where it will take me. I hope on a good mysterious walk! It comes from the library, so I may get a used copy online to be able to read it as slowly as I am planning. An early Christmas present to myself.

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