Sunday, 6 October 2013

School's out - sense of freedom - Work begins

Even though I went to school and left at 18 I don't remember this incredible sense of freedom that I'm getting as a parent.

I am out of The System which I have feared and had to deal with without showing my fear for so many years. Even when the system is as good and thoughtful and well-meaning as possible, it is still a place of control and fear. Maybe it's just me, but even so, what a difference!

I feel as if we are a family again. I am a parent again. I hadn't been aware of how much I'd lost since 2000.

The home education of H continues in its highly autonomous way. That's just our household and goes on through the seasons.

T starts work tomorrow morning, so is not making the move to uni for a year. That makes it feel like Christmas, all of us still here under one roof, putting beds together, doing things to the MG. Which has just given off pretty noxious exhaust, I even smelt it at my desk at the far side of the kitchen... so much for lyrical moments!

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