Friday, 13 September 2013

Totally engrossed in ModPo

I can't believe it, I am part of a project linked to the University of Pennsylvania. It is an online course on Modern American Poetry. You should see the titles of the discussion threads! Emily Dickinson was the last few days, now we are in Walt Whitman land.

Someone suggested writing poems ourselves in the style of each poet. I couldn't believe I was simply taking blank bamboo paper out of my printer and just writing. I have done 2 in Dickinson's style and 1 in Whitman's style so far. I found myself going out for a nighttime walk in order to prepare for the Whitman one. Very appropriate, all that nature and rain outside our door.

The enthusiasm and openness of the contributors to the threads is so encouraging. I am a very happy person. Please give it a go. The less you know about American literature, history or poetry the better, the more there is to interact with as a fresh mind, taking it all in for the first time.

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