Tuesday, 17 September 2013

One of my jobs as a parent is done

This very evening T and friend O have been eating delicious looking steamed prawn dumplings and sticky spare ribs. I have just had the 2 left over prawns!

I have completely bypassed the recommended method of introducing middle class accepted foodstuffs to the younger generation. No offering foods 7 or 27 times to ensure eventual acceptance.

Just continue with the pizzas with a happy heart until the great day when you hear that they have been out to a restaurant in a bigger town and have discovered much more sophisticated items for themselves. You may get the classic insult that your home cooking is horrendously boring, but that's ok.

I have to say that this method has taken 17 years to bear fruit, from the petit filou stage to steamed prawns.

My ethos has been that food is meant to be familiar, tasty, reassuring, enjoyable. If coco pops ticks those boxes, then choose coco pops and enjoy them.

ps I have tried the cross, grumpy, horrible approach at times. It is a total waste of emotion and negates lots of good mother points which had previously been earned with carrying, being patient etc.

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