Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Full house and lots of parenting articles

We have said good bye to the family who came to stay with us from Sunday afternoon. The house is so empty and silent now. We played most of the time and the rest of the time was eating and sleeping.

They went to Oxford and learnt how to punt; played croquet; went on a zip wire; threw boules and bounced on our trampoline.

The pool table I haven't been able to get rid of was a favourite. The 3 children chatted and played, played and chatted. The cue splits in two so the separate pieces were short enough not to accidentally break a window or a picture.

We played squeaky chairs at the table and I passed round little squares of paper and the biro so we could collectively create fantasy beasts starting with a trunk portion and adding all sorts of legs as it went round the table.

The last good game was a simplified I-spy.....I-spy with my little eye, something yellow/round/eckig (lots of corners). I wonder whether that has taken them over the Channel, across France and down the Autobahn?

Today I have found a number of articles on parenting in different countries, seen by outsiders:



Northern Ireland 





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