Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Book ruffles peaceful afternoon

I'm reading A Casual Vacancy after my mother in law enthused about it and lent me her copy. I had a few moments thinking about the books I really wanted to be reading: suburban life of Harry Potter jumped over in first book, home life of the Weasleys, the parents of Harry Potter. It is an odd feeling being convinced that if she wished to, J K Rowling could just bring these out from the ether where the stories are waiting. I can't be the only one.

My mother in law and I have already had some heated discussions about the book. I was appalled by a character slapping her mother in the face. That is a total no-no to me. She hadn't noticed it as such. It is amazing how different people have such different sensitive points.

When she had given me a rough outline of the story I was convinced that a pregnant 16 year old girl being taken in by a middle aged couple would require the wife stopping work immediately. I would want to ensure a caring environment for the 16 year old and lots of practical and emotional care. She saw it completely differently and regarded the young character as grown up. We come from entirely opposite view points. I would imagine a middle aged woman wanting to ensure it was a safe household, ensuring more childhood and maturing time for a young woman.

Anyway, it is interesting chatting about it as I read through it. We had a peaceful time on the front lawn in the sunshine chewing it over. I might ask to be a guest visitor to her book group when they discuss it next Monday night.

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