Friday, 5 July 2013

Getting home education into the conversation

I don't have to try, because when a person asks me "Do you work?" I say, "No, I'm home educating my younger son." It's nice that it is such an easy thing to say and that now I can chat a little bit about it before moving on to other topics.


I am reading a book.

. أنا أقرأ كتاب

The book is called 'The Silence and The Roar' (written) by Nihad Sirees.

 . ويسمى كتاب الصخب  و الصمت من نهاد سيرس


  1. Thank you so much for linking to me. I'm happy about the link, and happier to discover your blog!

    I home-schooled one of my children for six months, and my hat is off to successful home-schoolers.

  2. Ouch, look at that spelling mistake in the last line: ismi has an alif to start with and a ya to finish with. And that's the wrong thing to say any how, it shouldn't be 'my name'.


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