Saturday, 6 July 2013

Artist's Way Collage

The 12 week course I'm on has a midpoint exercise, to collect photos and to create a collage. I have done this twice before.

The 1997 and 2012 versions were very different. The first was an explosion of colours and people, overlapping eachother. The second was a vertical scroll. Each separate picture in that one had one or two smaller pictures hidden underneath them. They were visible if you lifted up each top picture. This was a way of including more images, but also a way of creating groups of images. It was more organised and spaced out, there was some bright colour, but more plainer references to writings and activism.

Now I am starting to do my 3rd one I am sorry I threw away the previous 2. I felt they were cluttering up my house, I didn't feel happy about displaying them on a wall here, they were too personal. Then I didn't feel happy about keeping them stuck in a corner either.

What on earth is this valuing of old stuff by other people or bought in a shop, over the handmade personal creations?


We are well beyond the midway point in the course now! My collage this time was in fact simply 4 separate A4 pictures from magazines. They were bold and simple, but stark. This time I will keep them. I found them easy to explain to the others in my group.


Today my son and his girlfriend cooked curry.

. اليوم ابني و صديقه طبخوا كاريًا

I'm just guessing at the endings! I looked up the words in my dictionaries and stuck some endings on.

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