Saturday, 23 March 2013

Slowing down the process - Cypherpunks

This is one of the aims of controlling governments when they look at the internet and see how it is being used by the population. I am watching the latest Julian Assange video discussion with fellow internet experts/Cypherpunks.

As I learn about how bad governments operate, I see more clearly how I as a Western mother use all these tricks in my own household.

Of course I aim to slow down the process of my children doing certain things, I am expected to by society and I expect it of myself in an unthinking way which reflects or channels the default setting of my society.

My middle name is Machiavelli. I am shocked as I go along to see how deeply embedded this attitude is in my way of life. I see I have islands of clarity, compassion, understanding and faith which I could call thinking. All the rest is unthinking.

Even in the Financial Times I saw an article which acknowledged the dictatorial nature of businesses. I will add family life to this too. I am used to being shocked at myself now. So many of the ways of dictatorship are simply expanded versions of family life. "We always do this." "I am off to play croquet now." "We shall have a stairlift from the first floor onwards, but not up to the first floor." The silences of topics which are not safe to discuss. The getting used to things which you shouldn't get used to, but have to, in order to survive. The not rocking the boat. The waiting for a good moment which never comes. The patience or endurance. Others probably have to use these techniques with me too.

'"You have to be the change you want to see in the world", as Gandhi said, and, you have to be the trouble you want to see in the world too.' Great final statement from one of the contributors to the filmed conversation.


I wrote this a while ago, but it seems interesting to me, so I'll post it.

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