Thursday, 24 January 2013

Our tale of woe

I am going to try to list all the losses which have happened to us over the past 2 weeks.

1. A monthly rail season ticket, planning ahead so I thought

2. A tablet, much loved, bought with care
3. A phone, much loved, only received 3 days previously from ebay
4. An iPod, full of carefully chosen music
5. An amplifier for iPod, carefully chosen and looked forward to
All stolen while T was doing an exam

6. A thousand emails relating to gaming plus access to that email account, clearly much used
7. A Steam gaming account, much used
8. All the games associated with that Steam gaming account, bought in sales, as presents over the past few years

9. £130.00 taken from my PayPal account by a 16 year old young man from Sarajevo, I have his email, it was clearly shown on the paypal email, what use I have for knowing the details of my thief I don't know.

10. Finally, the replacement tablet, the item we decided was the most helpful out of all of them and justified being replaced generously as soon as possible, knocked onto the floor and broken by a year 9 only 3 days after getting it. That was yesterday, just when we thought things were being sorted out successfully.

11. My mother in law next door had a flood several days ago too.

I used to replace items very quickly which got lost so that there could be as little disruption as possible. Now we are at an uncomfortable point because I have less wish to help out. Even though in fact I am busy dealing with paperwork for all the losses.

I forgot several other problems:

12. T's bank card was frozen due to him trying to buy the replacement tablet
13. I cancelled my bank card, the one stolen from by the light fingered young gentleman from Sarajevo

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