Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Covering the whole spectrum

In the morning H and I discussed what was wrong with home education and felt some emotions. Physics was mentioned.

At lunchtime I handed him a science revision book which covers all 3 sciences clearly I thought. I also forwarded to him the 2 most recent Oxon-home ed email digests so he could see what was on locally.

By tea time he had pronounced the book boring and wanted to make shortbread with me. We had such a great time, converted weights, halved the quantities, doubled them again in the middle of mixing, and wound up with delicious shortbread and a happy, satisfied mood.

My offer of a formal tutorial time spent sitting in the drawing room discussing anything he fancied was turned down flat, but we just happened to discuss all sorts of interesting things over supper at the kitchen table, even though he told me he disliked the kitchen.

It was that sort of a day, up and down and around about.

I will go into our family saga of paypal losses, hacked gaming accounts, stolen tech items, deleted email accounts and a broken brand new tech item another day. My desk is covered with files for each of these traumas. I am the go-to fixer, even though I am trying to be very slow and grumpy about it. I can't help being a tiny bit proud that I can speak politely and effectively to people working in big organisations.

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