Sunday, 2 December 2012

Keeping Advent 2012

The Royal Institution advent calendar is based on the elements.

Our Advent and post Christmas group started today. We light a candle and set up the crib at the table. Then we take turns answering these 2 questions in ways we wish to. When during the past week have I felt further from God? When during the week have I felt closest to God? We close that part of the session with the Grace. Then we share hot tea, make toast and chat.

My personalised advent calendar is up on the wall with the 3 outlines of a crown, bell and a star. I am to colour each one in once I have done the relevant bit of self care for each day (shower, finances and flossing teeth). There is a second sheet which takes me to the end of January 2013. I hope this will keep me steady and calm through midwinter.

We were chatting about decorations and my mother in law laughed and said I could win the wreath on the door race this year. I used to get paranoid that she was deliberately putting up her decorations really promptly to show me up as being less efficient. This shows the depth of stupid daughter in law/mother in law rivalry!! It's really nice to be able to chuckle about this now. I try to explain how silly adults can be to my sons. I have no end of examples.

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