Thursday, 23 August 2012


I have been adding new blogs a lot recently, but then I often find the blogger writes or does something so contrary to my views that I remove them again. Do I need to be less fussy? Do I have to disinfect everything which appears on my side bar? Does it matter that views I am alarmed by float past on my own blog?

This falls into my category of good problems to have.


Re-reading this is uncomfortable, but rather than delete this post, I think it is important for me to recognise that other people write and discuss all sorts of issues. Chewing them over in real time, in text, with others is what the internet is all about. This difficult process is the basis for understanding of oneself and of others. Understanding does not mean agreeing, why should it? I disagree profoundly with myself and really don't like actions I have taken in the past. I'm not all that thrilled with how I am living my life right now either.

At Quaker discussions views or comments are put forward in turn without the expectation of a direct response. That allows each listener to listen without feeling that their silence means agreement as such. I think I shall try to read with a similar attitude of mind.

So I shall add blogs to my side bar more freely and live and let live a little more. I feel better now.

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