Saturday, 23 June 2012

What do I do now? This is my town!

A large islamophobic slogan appeared on a wall in Didcot today, late afternoon to be precise, by a road I use every day while driving into East Hagbourne. I am very cross about this, but don't know what to do.

Either the property wall is privately owned, in which case the owner would want to remove it asap, or it is owned by the council, who presumably have a duty to remove insulting slogans. 

I want to report it to the police, but that is pointless as the police must have noticed it within a couple of hours of it being done. There aren't that many roads round here to drive along!

I feel like taking 2 garden chairs and a thermos of tea down there in the morning to sit and scowl in front of it and complain/commiserate with passersby. 

As a driver I feel offended. Part of me wants to drive along a different road so I don't see it, but another bit of me wants to know exactly when it has been painted over, to know that tolerance has been restored.

1 comment:

  1. I am so glad, the brickwork has been totally cleaned. I was driving past with my son from the station on the last day of school (yesterday afternoon) when I saw it. Instinctively I said 'I feel human again!'

    The local newspaper had a paragraph about it asking for information and stating that the wall was part of an electricity sub-station. So, thank you to the electric company for the clean up.


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