Saturday, 23 June 2012

I love playing at being a book shop owner

Our village fete was this afternoon. I helped on the bookstall. My patch was the hardback fiction and the dvds and videos.

We organised it all in alphabetical order and laid out interesting books so the fronts showed. I also stood some books vertically to catch people's eyes. After a bit I saw that my judgement about which books might appeal bore no resemblance to what was picked out and bought. From then on I rotated the highlighted books randomly. This took all the decision making out of it.

Billy Connolly didn't get picked up once! Oscar Wilde had to wait til the end, but then was found by someone who had him on her Amazon Wish List. Hammond went while Clarkson was left on the shelf/wooden bench... Handling the books so often to rotate and keep them tidy meant we knew our remaining stock amazingly well.

I bumped into an acquaintance and recognised all the books she had bought!

The best bit was seeing the little children sitting down on the grass at the back of the tent looking at books they really liked. If I am involved next year I might suggest a bigger floor space dedicated to children to relax and read in.

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