Friday, 13 April 2012

Turn taking

I find this so hard.

If I am in a group where the pace of conversation is slow and considered, then I fit in and only speak in turn, I fondly think. But when I am in a fast paced chatting session, I just speed it up further and ill considered comments come out of my mouth...

To try and combat this I will alter the No Kvetching Sabbath to a No Butting In Sabbath. Maybe not butting in will naturally lead to no complaining due to the delay before getting my turn?

If on Twitter I am retweeting comments against tear gas, then maybe, just maybe, I should stop using my own personal verbal tear gas in conversation. I think it is due to me being more edgy and reactive in some conversations. As with everything, becoming aware of my problem will help me find ways to deal with it well and compassionately.

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