Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My burning question about Bahrain

Ok, I do not understand why burning tyres in the middle of a road is a good method of protest. It does not tick the non-violent box, which I think is better. Nor does it seem to go easily with placards or messages to promote a cause, again a much better method. Anything to do with fire is out and out dangerous, and blocking the traffic annoys people, two more reasons to avoid burning tyres.

Putting oil on tarmac is bad publicity too, so all in all I am very supportive of the wishes for greater democracy, better policing, more justice, no torture, free access to medical care, freeing of jailed doctors etc, but can someone PLEASE dare these guys to find a better method of protest, as in more effective at drawing admiration, respect, understanding of the issues and agreement from people seeing news from many miles away.


I wrote this a few days ago, then left it in my drafts files as I felt I didn't want to look stupid by putting my head above the parapet as it were. Anyway, I have seen a few tweets questioning the value of using fire, so I will post this now.

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