Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Something mysterious

I came back from the drawing Lent session and was clearing up the kitchen. I have rough hearing so when I heard a repetitive and unearthly noise I assumed it was the fridge at first.

Then I stood at the back door and listened to it coming from what seemed like several streets away. A bark or scream every 3 seconds. I'm not easily scared so put on my coat and gloves to walk round the village to locate it, at least to do something rather than ignore it.

All that walking and listening did me no good, as it got fainter as I walked round our block, then stronger as I got back. I decided it was in our own back garden! I walked with a surly sort of stomp towards the pitch black, giving off "I'm a human and I will eat you" vibes, it stopped immediately...I stayed there scowling at the dark, though have no idea what it might have been.

Once I was back inside again, busy whizzing soup and filling my hot water bottle it started up again. It knew I had given up being threatening I assume. I wonder what it was. Owl, fox, badger, deer??

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