Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Knocked off course

Today I did my finances for the first time since workmen came to do carpentry and paintwork 12 days ago. Why does such an event in the household knock me off course like this?

No answer, it just does...

I then realised that I had lost my FlyLady way of life for an awful lot longer. I think that fell by the wayside in the autumn as Advent started. So as one new event arrives in my life an essential part of my routine nips away!

So today is my restart day for the FlyLady zones, I have written a number, 1 to 5, in my diary beside the Monday space. I have also thought up a little rhyme to remember each zone by, eg zone one = close to the sun, ie the top floor of the house. The idea is that each week of the month has a number and I do enjoyable tasks in those areas of the house in that week. Then I am to let it go and only think about the next zone of the house.

The phrases she uses are so simple: Jump In Where You Are; You Are Not Behind; You Can Do Anything For 15 Minutes.

My monthly reviews of how home education is going disappeared at the start of October 2011. I think the reason for that was the shock I felt at Troy Davis' execution. It has taken me all this time to realise why I might have stopped doing these helpful reviews. So it is not a lack of will power or focus, but a profound shock to my system.

My unconscious reacts to events immediately, but my conscious mind cannot join cause and effect accurately for days, weeks or months. So I find myself wondering why I am acting in a certain way and having to wait patiently and faithfully for my times of reflection to produce answers. I don't think nature planned my mind very well! What purpose does this delay in understanding serve?

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