Monday, 26 March 2012

Saying goodbye to the Ruth Burrows book

The Lent Group I have been going to on a Monday night held its last meeting this evening. We will miss the discussions arising from reading Ruth Burrows' book Love Unknown.

I have enjoyed being able to listen to the others' takes on her words. I have also enjoyed giving my own views. I hadn't realised the extent to which I am interested in the writer as a person, rather than as a nun. I am less interested in arguments or in being persuaded of a point of view.

I will miss the warm fire and comfortable atmosphere. The slight danger of the walk in the dark along a village road with no pavement livens up the time before and after the meeting. I have loved seeing the big tree at the junction still lit with white Christmas lights and the two planets in the sky in an unusual position.

The village is just a little further away from the local town than my village, so the air is cooler and damper at night as we have walked that short walk from where the car is parked. All these things go to make up an evening out to chat about 'stuff'.

I nearly forgot to mention the conversations with my friend as we took turns giving each other lifts. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch up briefly on how the book is giving us pause for thought.

As I said good bye tonight I said that if she ever was free and wanted me to come over for a coffee 'just call me and I'll come running!', I'm sure that is from a song....

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