Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ball of Wool and The Talk

I offered a ball of black wool to our visiting black cat today. Her eyes lit up and her ears focused forwards immediately. She bit right into it a few times and grabbed it with her front paws, kicking with her back paws. One happy hunting cat! That was a first for her, I could tell.

Other news, I am having many versions of The Talk, we have covered most topics now, but it is the one topic whch never dies, so I expect to learn a lot over the next few years/decades. I have realised that I am bisexual when it comes to cats, but strictly monogamous. One cat is enough in my life, but male/female makes no difference, I just love the current one's personality, fluffiness, ways, bad habits etc.

I also discovered that syphilis is rife, hmm, that is a change from 30 years ago. Off to google when I can summon up the interest. This whole topic is more medical than ethical or psychological. Actually, is it even true? Maybe I am being told all sorts of tall tales and believing them all.

I am fighting back with a new love of tadpoles. There must be 100 in my tiny pond. They move, but on the spot. They have not yet moved away from their bobbles.

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