Friday, 24 February 2012

Re-establishing the household

I have just realised why I have "got nothing done" this week. It is because I have been busy doing something else, re-establishing the household after the end of half term for T.

Knowing myself is a task of a life time! It is so simple: of course I need to sort out the mountain of laundry, refill the fridge and freezer, re-remember to do the things I usually do without thinking for T each day to ensure things run smoothly with school.

Then there is my desk...which had turned into a treasure trove of boxes of games, papers with very good ideas on them etc, but which are all burdens. All I need on my desk are my money management heap, diary, home ed log, daily book with online/in the house/out and about tasks all neatly separated out, my Amnesty actions file and the 2011 home education reviews project.

I had a statement of intent above my desk. It said "Minimise". It has minimised itself and disappeared! Time to make another one.

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