Thursday, 26 January 2012

Reading the BICI Report

I have a suspicion that not many people have read the whole of the BICI report.

I shall start with quoting paragraph 1240., partly because it is on the page before the one I'm on and I had to turn back a page to remind myself of where I was, and also because it put things clearly.

"1240. The Commission notes a number of statements by detainees consistently showing that those inflicting mistreatment expected impunity. The Commission is of the view that the lack of accountability of officials within the security system had led to a culture of impunity, whereby security officials have few incentives to avoid mistreatment of prisoners or to take action to prevent mistreatment by other officials. In the light of this culture of impunity, the Commission acknowledges the immense courage that was required for the victims of torture and mistreatment to report their experiences to Commission investigators."

What do I see? Bravery allocated to individuals and ultimate blame placed on a current human system, ie something which can be changed.


I wrote that just after Christmas and am still reading. I would like to complete it before Feb 14th. That would be a good challenge.

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  1. I did complete it, just after midnight in the first minutes of 14th February. I read a page, then knitted a row of knitting, then another felt wrong to be sitting in comfort on my sofa, safely tucked away, but I tell myself I must enjoy the comfort and be grateful, it ok to be safe.

    While I read the testimonies I was aware of all the stories which were not there, and the extreme brevity of the accounts.

    How to support a resource for recovery? Is there an Arabic version of MIND? How do people recover from injustices?


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