Friday, 27 January 2012

Nothing like my own shed

I went out to sit in the stable which continues to exist in our back garden. It has a new wooden roof, put in by the previous owners, but the rest of it is gently returning to nature.

I have put in a comfortable folding garden chair. 2 logs act as a footstool and a side table for those little boxes of fruit juice!

It is such bliss to sit and smell the air, hear the birds, planes, bells for mid-day, wind wooshing through the trees and children in the playground nearby.

I even started nature journalling today. My new book on this lives out there, covered up by the blanket on the chair.

During the cold weather it is too uncomfortable, but I miss it so much. No door in the doorway, no glass in the window, just woodwork to hold up one side and brickwork on the other 3 sides.


  1. Sounds lovely. I enjoy relaxing in the garden in summer. Waiting for the weather to improve so can start planting flowers again!


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