Wednesday, 11 January 2012

' internal shed'

'My dad's shed was dark and within it there was the feeling of all the possibilities, all the options that were open to me; it was like sitting at a vast organ and being able to pull all the stops. Anything could be made with his tools, which was an exhilarating thought. The shed was arranged delightfully with the window in the middle and all the drawers, shelves and tools down the sides and underneath. It was like an altar. I've thought later that as a physical template it was very satisfying, as well as being a powerful metaphor for creative thought. My own creativity and art practice has been a mental shed - a sanctuary as well as a place of action - where I have retreated to make things. It gives me a sense of security in a safe, enclosed space while I look out of the window on to the world. The shed was where I first learned how to make things, where my subconscious was schooled in colour, texture and the concept of making. I still have that excitement now, of being very glad that I'm a maker and that my internal shed is always available. I can retreat into my head while in bed or in the bath - wherever I am - to think about things I want to make, and knowing that I will create at least some of them is extremely exciting.'

From 'Grayson Perry : Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl'
By Wendy Jones
Vintage 2007

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