Monday, 9 January 2012

Counting on and on

It's easy now to note down things I am grateful for each night. Several topics keep on coming up: Twitter, Amnesty, campaigning work by so many wonderful and dedicated people, breathing, having more nights to sleep compared with those preparing for their last one. Contact with anything to do with the death penalty has a sobering effect.

Lots of my items are about things I find beautiful or give me pleasure. The luxury side of life. When it has been snowy I have been very happy about electricity and gas.

The phrase 'being able to...' comes up a lot too. Being able to post letters or read a book by Bishop Tutu is so good. Being able to link up with other home educating parents online via blogs and discussion lists is a wonderful thing. Amazon is amazing.

Writing, then switching off is helpful because I like being able to shut my book and have a sense of completion, job done.

Now I have written all that I see I need a simple opening of the day ritual to balance it out. My initial idea is to hand write part of a poem and draw an edging on the paper around it.

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