Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Polar bear on my desk

I brought home a mother and a baby polar bear a couple of weeks ago. They were instantly adopted by T and H. The big one has been sitting at the table with us and just now is taking up all the space on my desk in the kitchen.

It is nearly time for me to start really creating mid winter chaos. I will shift my piles of paperwork and "stuff" to make way for my parents' visit tomorrow. Then more stuff will be shifted out of the way to allow for the cards to be displayed. All the laundry needs to be hidden too. My parents are shocked at clothes drying in our kitchen, so I hide it all.

H would like the drawing room to be a Christmas room and I like the idea of us each having our own tree to decorate.

It feels as if it might snow, the sky was an eerie grey and there was just-about-sleet on the car windscreen earlier. My hands are about to get all dry and my hair will be full of static. Time to feed the birds and put water out for them.

We have just moved the bear back to his place at the head of the table. He needed a coat so T and I put his furry arms in the arm holes and did up the zip. Very cute!

S has some books for his team, so it looks as if he is starting his own book group!

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  1. I'm doing the 'hiding' of everything too :) Most of ours is going in the loft for Christmas (or the garage). I just hope I have the energy to actually deal with it all in the new year or it will stay there forever lol.


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