Thursday, 1 September 2011

Voices and faces

Over this summer I have heard my father I's voice in H's as H calls me on his mobile from upstairs!  I saw my cousin S in T's face, hair and way of holding himself as he sat at the table.

Once my grandfather P told me, as I made a gesture with my hands, that his mother in law, who I never met, used to make that very same gesture.  So that wave of the hand had been transmitted genetically, lain dormant for 2 generations and then surfaced as we were chatting in the hall!

After my grandmother R died I would get a shock when I'd look at myself in the mirror.  I could see the same facial structure and could therefore tell what I might look like once dead.  Hmm.  When I smiled at myself the resemblance would go, so I smile at myself a lot now!  I'm also a bit plumper and that helps me look more lifelike.

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