Friday, 2 September 2011

Shouting in the dark

The film showing on Al Jazeera about Bahrain is also available on YouTube.

Seeing a doctor weeping on his desk is heartbreaking.

Seeing the doctor begging for help on the phone takes me back to hearing these desperate calls in the middle of the night on the radio as they were broadcast as part of the news. The news people shared the tapes because they could hear the need and must have known how important it is to break the silence.

You are, have been and will be prayed for, letters have been written for you, links have been shared, Twitter has been overused into the nights.

The same old ghastly tactics of bullying are not special, they have been brought out in all parts of the world. The same old tired denials are nothing new either.


I wrote this a few weeks ago, before the film was pulled and people started putting links to it on Twitter. Then I felt embarrassed about publishing this as I am so far away and don't even speak Arabic. But now I feel braver as Bahrain is back on the news, AJE, BBC and SkyNews etc.

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