Friday, 12 August 2011

Oh where did my trust go?

I'm having my own moment of consumer madness, I looked up 'riots' on Twitter and found so many links to blog posts. They are all so interesting and different. It really is like being in a free sweet shop!

This one has some great toes, look and see, plus a reference to a lack of trust in the authorities. I love his last paragraph on what to do now.

I hope the trust issue will be picked up on by more people. A culture of deceit is no good for any of us.

Even now I find it hard to be truthful with myself on what needs doing at home and how long it will take. It is so basic, but I'm still at the beginning of knowing how to deal with things in a realistic way. I default to smiling and saying everything is fine.

In reality we have ivy growing up our walls, a eucalyptus tree has died and one of our wooden garden chairs collapsed last week of old age, nearly hurting someone badly. All these things need to be acknowledged and put in a provisional action plan with a budget. By me, not some mythical house fairy.

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