Saturday, 13 August 2011

Giving up swearing

I have been shamed into giving up swearing by the high standard of English on the twitter streams I follow. Disclaimer, I can't read the Arabic, so I'm only assuming that it's clean too... If people in such circumstances can keep it clean, then maybe it's time for me to do some moral housekeeping.

When I have let out the odd swear word since giving it up it feels odd and unusually violent and pointless. Generally I say, hmm, I have given up swearing, so I need a moment to put this differently. I can see it coming and try to find a better way.

It certainly doesn't mean that I have a new blind love for deceit, lying and other things which used to rile me to bad language. I'm just being a bit more Norwegian or Twitter-ish about my dislike, disapproval and protest.


  1. I swear prolifically in real life but try to keep my blog clean as I know I have some sewing ladies who stumble up upon it through web searches for such items as mitred corners. I suppose I am trying to hide my sweary self behind a masque of sewist gentility.

    Perhaps they are also hiding though and we should all feel free to let rip more honestly?

  2. I had another reason for stopping swearing: I had a heart area pain which woke me in the night. The dx of heartburn led to me being so angry I was literally filled with anger for several days in my entire chest. At that point I thought I'd solve the problem myself by stopping swearing for a start.

    I reserve the right to restart if I feel the need though :)!!

    Have you spotted the sewing vocab in 'let rip'?

  3. Mmm swearing isn't very zen is it? I hope your heartburn is easing. Haha on the 'let rip'!


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