Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Quaker Meeting

I haven't been for several months now, but last Sunday I was in the mood. It is so simple, sitting (somewhat uncomfortably) and being with others who are also just sitting in silence. Sometimes I keep my eyes shut, sometimes I look right out of the window ahead of me.

There has been a change since last time I went, a loud cockerel was crowing every 3 minutes of so. No one spoke, but we never know that until the whole of the hour has passed, so at every shift I go on alert wondering what that person will say, then they just change their sitting position. When I recross my legs or move my cushion I guess that others are waiting for my wonderful words!!

Afterwards we have notices, which is more fun than it sounds, then get up and chat over tea or coffee. It is special because I don't have to believe anything at all, or verbalise agreement to anything, I'm free to just sit in the company of others.

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