Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One glance strewing

As it says, I'm going back yet again to the concept of deliberate strewing and deliberate recording of it.

One day my confidence in home education and in the understanding of it by the local authority will be sufficient for me to not even remember being concerned with this concept. I'm not there yet. I still feel the need to *try* and to *record* the business of trying.

It's a phase so I may as well enjoy it. The benefits are that I get one more item to note in my reviews, I relax and stop trying after I have done it, and I am that little bit more observant as I search for new things.

But what is it about more new things and about more different items on my lists. Digging up a plant to look at the roots is utterly pointless, any gardener knows that. So, what would a gardener do?

1. Look at the glossy leaves
2. Appreciate the being itself-ness of the growing plant
3. Make sure to spend time around and with the plants
4. Ensure there is a wind break
5. Assess the soil and plant a seed suitable for the conditions
6. Make sure the plant has enough space
7. Put in some companion planting
8. Take away the weeds
9. Take away any damaging aphids
10. Realise that nature is wonderful and complete in itself
11. Work with what is there, not against it.

I trip up over this concept every few months, maybe it is the grit which helps me make my pearl?

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