Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I did some important and welcome sewing recently. Our family's fluffy socks had got holes in them. I used to throw away the holey ones, but this year there don't seem to be many fluffy socks in the shops.

So I had a think and cut out sole shapes from the really bad ones to put on the still ok ones. The chair beside the tv got all speckly with bits of thread and fluff where I was doing my sewing and weather watching. All in a good cause. 

Now we prefer the double soled ones to the thinner single layer ones.

As the weather has suddenly got so much warmer it isn't making much of a difference, but when it was -8 each night and the door opening is like opening a huge freezer door, it did make a difference.

Gordon Brown would be thrilled with the amount of draft proofing we have done over the past 10 days! Nothing like real snow and thick ice to get me sorting out the gaping drafts.

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