Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Come and sit on the fire

Ooops, what I meant to say to H was 'Come and sit on the sofa to watch the fire.' He asked me for a fire, so I built one. I'm the one who has photographed it and poked it. H is still in the kitchen doing something special on his laptop.

My hand is still cold from when I put it right down into the rain water bin outside. I wanted to feel how thick the disc of ice was. It is still floating there after 3 days of thawing.

Earlier I went out for a walk in the village. It was dank and beautiful. We have faint drizzle and thin fog. There is no moon so it is the opposite of just a few days ago when I could look out onto the lawn at night and it looked like the lit up iced top of a Christmas cake.

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