Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Pantry

Yes, we really do have one. It was last organised back in 2001. Some of the beer I threw out dated from then. There was some ancient jam too.

I'm amazed by how many clean toddler resources I had tucked away: puzzles, card games. They had been used, but hadn't got spoilt or gnawed. Maybe I had simply thrown away the damaged bits and stored the rest! They are all going to the charity shop though.

It's sad because I feel as if I am throwing away the boys' childhood. I know I'm not, but still. I keep my very favourite toys for any guests. Even the marble run and Monopoly are pretty much retired now.

My next issue is to decide what to do with the group of decanters. Flower vases, pretty things for a mantlepiece? Containers for Ribena and other cordials? Get into drinking sherry at 6pm every night and refuse to go out on little late night drives to the garage to buy crisps and chocolate...that would be unkind to all of us.

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