Thursday, 5 August 2010

So quiet

1. Because both boys are out at the cinema for the A Team. They are off by themselves and I will be waiting in the reception well in advance of the end of the film to meet them. We are all in the house and they are out and about. This is the start of a new phase. We will be up 'til all hours afterwards. That will be fun. They'll be extra hungry too.

2. Because I am waiting for updates from my mother and there are no calls. I don't want to have a bath in case I miss a ring. That is silly as I'd just call back 30 mins later. They have been at the hospice and my mother's voice sounded all squeaky with emotion earlier. Thinking about it, now is just the right time for a warm bath. Then I can whizz my apricot icecream and pat my rising bread.

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