Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Am I tempting fate by saying that I think I am beyond that awful feeling that being a mother was magically not nearly enough to justify my existence? Even though it was taking all my hours and with no weekends or lunch breaks either. Lulu land! In what crazy world could a woman tending to a household day and night for *years* be seen as 'not working'?

Anyway, good bye to all that. Watching the cat and the plants lets me see that life is for living. It is a free gift, so there!! The actions I take each day are my life. The actions I don't take are also my life. The cat gets to sleep on a fleece and kill small mammals. She has no CV behind her or carefully planned route ahead of her. She is cherished by some humans and just does her catty thing each day.

Obviously I hope I'm guiding the boys well, but they have access to a whole world of other people's views to learn from too. They are mammals and have brains to use to make their own judgements.

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