Tuesday, 29 June 2010


...went the milk bottle on the kitchen floor. T is ill again, but well enough to get milk bottles out of the fridge and drop them.

I was very gallant and lent him my slippers to go safely out of the kitchen in. In the old days I'd shout at both boys to climb up on the chairs and stay there while I cleared up asap.

Not having small children, I didn't clear it up within 5 minutes. Which meant I was slightly surprised to find it all still there in its slivers and pint of milk glory after I had done something I could have postponed like finishing my bowl of cereal and reading the paper.

I then made a real meal of mopping it up. I think I had simply forgotten my technique for this job. I used to be really good at it! Anyway I rediscovered my method eventually.

'Life long learning' is a nice phrase which in my case is more accurately put as 'life long learning, forgetting and rediscovering the hard way'.

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