Sunday, 27 June 2010


We did some more dawn chasing today. I was up at 4am, then we were in the car and off at 4.15am. We got to the Clumps at 4.30am, bumped into a group of young men also doing something dawn-related, and found our spot.

I had a blanket round me so I caved in and simply curled up on the damp ground and pretended I was back in bed. In spite of that the birds sang so sweetly and each chirping was in some way different from the previous one.

When I opened my eyes I could see the dew on each of the blades of grass and seed heads.

Another odd thing happened, all of a sudden I felt the temperature shift upwards a bit, that must have been when the sun shone over the horizon. I hadn't expected it at all, so there is a new finding.

Thomas stood and watched for the photo he had planned. He was 200 watts short of the level of light he really needed for the shot he wanted! So he came back with just one test shot.

Anyway, we have both had much needed extra hours of sleep now.

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