Saturday, 2 January 2010

What is Christmas all about?

Now I have done Christmas and New Year with a birthday in between I have nearly forgotten all my deep thoughts.

The ones which remain are something like: the ultimate encounter group; the recurring challenge to react to the standard plan and choose what actually suits us in all ways; if I don't deal with a situation it will just pop up again until I do; when the children say they like or dislike something they really mean it and just following these simple requests is quite easy, much easier than not doing so!

I enjoyed the many quiet moments when I found myself clearing out cluttered corners of the house. I had not expected to feel like doing this at all. This led on to a time of not planning for 2010 at all, just staying in the here and now time of year with lots of TV and building fires.

The part I loved the best this year was the snow all around in the run up week. I didn't see any local snowmen, but my brother J sent me a picture of his own one in his front garden. He kept on surviving the night against all the odds.

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