Sunday, 3 January 2010

Thinking back

I have been mulling over Christmas and have found some wonderful memories of how my grandparents did their decorations,

the big tree on the landing and the baubles from years before, the handmade paper angels and tiny crib figures, the tiny silver tree with neatly dangling icicles,

how peaceful and unhurried they seemed, how they must have gone to church at some point but it wasn't an issue, how orderly it seemed, how the food was lovely,

how smoking at the table all afternoon was the way it was, how we used to miss the Queen's Speech because my mother couldn't stick it and would take anyone willing out for a walk to escape and giggle on the pavements in Knightsbridge,

how we had spare presents for anyone we had forgotten, how there was always a James Bond film on in the evening,

how my father refused to drive to parties at distant places because of the dangers of snow, how we had to slow down at each green traffic lights because the drunk drivers were so prevalent and would just zoom straight across a red light! Happy days!

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