Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Moon

Well, I love the full moon because it is so round and lights up the house at night.

Earlier I suggested a sit on the bench outside to the children, but it's too much like middle aged nature worship for them.

I'll just have to go out there by myself.......

It is very still out there, just the ringing of the bells for 11 0'clock. There is a breath of wind, colder than before, but the trees aren't moving. The moon is burning through a thin layer of cloud. I felt very transitory sitting on a door step which will probably be there in 50 year's time.


  1. I hardly notice the moon except when we're camping. I think we should live outdoors more!

  2. Well it's not there all the time, maybe that's part of it.

    Sometimes it's around in the day. I'll be driving to Sainsbury's and instead of watching the road and the sheep I'll be glancing over the fields to the moon.

    Also, I keep my curtains open, so I can't miss it at night in a West facing room.


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