Sunday, 15 November 2009


I am surprised and pleased by my efforts this evening. I decided to do a first draft of a monthly review, starting with October 2009. If it is useful I will be able to send a copy to the LA inspector as I like to deal in writing with the LA now. It is really to reassure myself and to allow me to spot any big gaps in provision.

I looked in my appointments diary, the weekly book of conversations/tv programmes/outings etc, a daily diary log looking at specific issues I want to track, my nature observations diary and this blog. It was only by looking in all these places that I found notes of most of what happened in October. So many items only appeared in one place.

What I had thought would be much less than one side of A4 will now fill it nicely. We have visited so many topics I have had to think of new headings. History needs a current affairs section. Maths leads on nicely into economics. There are so many entries for PHSE. Adult life needs separate Medical and Cooking sections, or should those go under science! Social leads on into pure fun, which definitely deserves a mention.

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