Tuesday, 20 October 2009

B is for Birthday

My son H doesn't like his biological birthday, so a couple of years ago he appointed 12th October as his official birthday. This took some getting used to. I was worried that come his bio birthday he would be unhappy at not getting a present from me. Anyway we managed to divide up into the people who agreed to go along with it and those like me who preferred to give a present on the anniversary of his birth.

This time I was more content with the idea and while he was asleep went into his room to attach a big Happy Birthday banner right across the walls. I made a little heap of presents and cards too.

When I woke him in the morning he smiled the largest smile ever, a wonderful beam of joy and surprise on seeing the banner.


  1. Happy Birthday H.
    We gave our ds1 an alternative birthday because he was born only a few days before xmas. We chose 27th May. Unfortunately his younger brother then chose that day to be born! Best laid plans and all that...

  2. Happy Belated Bday! But--why did he want to change the day???

    Hazel's is the 24th Dec and I never once thought of changing it.

  3. I tried to change my birthday as a kid, but it never took off!

  4. It is the 28th December. It's still his actual birthday of course.

    I think it's great being able to move from Xmas to his birthday, then on to New Year and then finally it is my husband's birthday on the 8th Jan. But H doesn't think the same as me, lol.

  5. I always think it's nice to have a birthday about half way through the year, preferably when the weather is good. Then if there happens to be something you really want you don't have to wait 11 months for it. Ds1's is close to xmas so it feels like one whole week of present-fest (when most of his friends aren't around) and then nothing for the rest of the year.


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